First Nation Technical Support

A solid history of expert support

LGL’s work at numerous treaty and strategic engagement tables has been pivotal to the development, finalization, and implementation of a number of modern-day treaties and other government-to-government agreements.

Meaningful engagement and consultation with First Nations and other Indigenous Peoples is a legal requirement for resource development projects throughout much of North America. For many years now, LGL has provided technical support and expert advice that seeks to interpret implications for Indigenous Peoples as well as to ensure that their interests are properly addressed by governments and industrial proponents. By working from a base that combines scientific and traditional knowledge, our approach is to work collaboratively with all parties, seeking sustainable ways in which economic opportunities can proceed without compromising traditional and contemporary ecological values. Where potential conflicts are identified, opportunities for impact avoidance and/or environmental mitigation (including compensation / offsetting) are identified.

Technical support provided:

  • Treaty Negotiations – Agreement-In-Principle development and support
  • Strategic Engagement Agreement negotiations
  • Fisheries and Wildlife Technical Committee support and representation
  • Wildlife inventory and fisheries stock assessment reviews, studies, and development of monitoring programs
  • Fish and wildlife harvest monitoring
  • Fisheries, wildlife, and habitat impact assessment reviews and studies
  • Building and managing advisory teams of discipline experts from within and outside LGL
  • Capacity training of staff as technicians and biologists
  • Technical Working Group support and representation
  • Expert testimony and legal support for court cases and panel reviews
  • Watershed Restoration Programs – development and implementation
  • Watershed recovery planning
  • GIS mapping applications, traditional use documentation, land-use planning
  • Economic development opportunities
  • Document management and archiving
  • Communications management (websites, newsletters)
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