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Name Degree Position Discipline Office Prov/St Joined
Abgrall, Patrick Ph.D. Marine Biologist Marine Mammals, Oil & Gas, Seismic/Electromagnetic Monitoring King City ON 2006
Adama, Doug B.Sc. Wildlife Biologist Wildlife Ecology, Wetlands, Amphibians Sidney BC 2012
Agnew, Constance B.Sc., rcji Vice-President, Senior Planning Ecologist Environmental Assessment, Environmental Inspection and Monitoring, Species at Risk King City ON 1997
Alexander, Richard B.Sc. Manager, Sr. Fisheries Biologist Fisheries, Stock Assessment Sidney BC 1992
Beveridge, Ian M.Sc. Fisheries Biologist Fisheries Inventory, Ecology Sidney BC 2013
Bibby, Katherine M.Sc.Pl. Environmental Planner Land Use, Environmental Planning, Socio-economics King City ON 2008
Blakley, Anita B.Sc. Fisheries Biologist Fisheries Sidney BC 1995
Blenkhorn, Erin B.Sc. Aquatic Biologist/Ecologist Fisheries, Freshwater Mussels, Ecology, Wildlife, Species at Risk Cambridge ON 2012
Bocking, Bob M.R.M. President, CEO, Chairman Fisheries, Fish Habitat Restoration Sidney BC 1987
Bruce, Andrew B.A., Dipl. Fish & Wildlife Technician Fisheries, Wildlife, Environmental Inspection and Monitoring Cambridge ON 2002
Buchanan, Robert M.Sc. Vice-President Fisheries, Marine Ecology, Impact Assessment St. John's NL 1976
Burns, Christopher M.Sc. Senior Fisheries Biologist Fisheries, Stock Assessment, Aquatic Ecology, Environmental Effects Sidney BC 2016
Bychkov, Yury M.Sc. Software Developer/Computational Bioanalyst Data Analysis, Software Development Sidney BC 2005
Catcher, Lisa B.A. Botanist, ISA Certified Arborist, Butternut Health Assessor Botany, Arborist King City ON 2010
Cavallo, Joseph B.Sc. Senior Fisheries Biologist Fisheries, Ecology, GIS, Species at Risk, Environmental Assessment, Impact Assessment, Environmental Inspection and Monitoring King City ON 1999
Challenger, Wendell Ph.D. Senior Biologist/Analyst Statistical Analysis, Animal Ecology, Ecological Modelling Sidney BC 2014
Christian, John M.Sc. Marine Biologist Fisheries, Marine Ecology St. John's NL 1991
Chung, Karen B.Sc., GIS Cert. GIS Analyst GIS Cambridge ON 2008
Couture, Dana M.Sc. Aquatic Biologist Fisheries, Benthic Invertebrates, Water Quality, Project Management Cambridge ON 2005
d'Entremont, Marc Ph.D. Senior Wildlife Biologist Wildlife Ecology, Species at Risk, Impact Assessment Sidney BC 2011
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