Oil and Gas Exploration & Development/Production

LGL scientists have expertise and experience providing services to both land-based and off-shore oil and gas developments. Our staff has experience in the following areas:

  • Fisheries
  • Wildlife
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Acid rock drainage
  • First Nations consultation
  • Environmental restoration

Objectives of our assessment, research and permitting support commonly include:

  • Fisheries inventories and stream crossing management
  • Wildlife inventories and disturbance mitigation
  • Environmental assessment to satisfy the regulatory requirements of the applicable country, province, or state
  • Environmental management and route selection of linear developments including roads, pipelines, electric transmission lines, and flight paths
  • Environmental research in support of development applications
  • Marine mammal research in support of impact avoidance and mitigation

Specialized methodologies and products include:

  • Electrofishing, radio telemetry, remote camera monitoring, and DNA tracking
  • Marine mammal tracking and population monitoring
  • Marine mammal acoustic disturbance modeling
  • Integrated resource management plans
  • Aerial surveys, including development of RPV (remotely piloted vehicle) methodologies
  • Ecological modeling
  • Customized habitat restoration techniques
  • Oil spill response planning and sensitivity mapping
  • Underwater and under-ice biological surveys, mapping, and ecological classification
  • Measurement of underwater and in-air noise
  • Passive acoustic monitoring (towed and fixed)
  • Customized GIS applications for integrated resource management
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