Marine Mammal and Acoustic Research

Impact Assessment, Mitigation, and Permitting Support

LGL has experience linking agency-enforced requirements to operational plans to support operational efficiency and project delivery.

Start-to-finish regulatory support:

  • Agency consultations, including Biological Opinions, Section 7 Consultations
  • Community meetings
  • Permit application preparation (Incidental Harassment Authorizations, Letters of Authorization, Biological Assessments, Environmental Assessments)
  • In- and post-season reporting

Customized monitoring and mitigation plans:

  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Maximize operational efficiency
  • Collect high-quality data
  • Produce robust reports

LGL has developed long-term working relationships with:

  • State, province, federal, borough, and local governments
  • Native Corporations and Indigenous councils and governments
  • Scientific community
  • Collaborative corporate partners

LGL recognizes that continuous dialog among agencies, local stakeholders, and clients is critical to build cohesive working relationships and preempt regulatory hurdles in‑season.

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