Publications arising from LGL and/or Greeneridge.

At LGL and Greeneridge Sciences, we are proud of our track record of bringing important data, information, and ideas into the public domain via peer-reviewed, scientific articles, and other published works.

The links along the right side of this page lead to lists of publications arising from LGL and/or Greeneridge1 (LGL‑G) studies, or prepared by LGL‑G employees. Papers accepted for publication are listed as "in press", but those "in preparation" or "submitted" are not listed. The numerous unpublished LGL‑G reports of limited circulation are not included.

º LGL‑G consultant or subcontractor
G With Greeneridge Sciences Inc.1
* Co-author not with LGL‑G
** Publication by LGL‑G employee, but not arising from an LGL‑G project. Papers published by employees before they joined LGL‑G are not listed.
Study conducted principally by a subcontractor or affiliate of LGL‑G.

References shown in blue were published from 2010 to date.

The list is categorized by major topic:  Books by LGL‑G Authors (all subjects), Birds, Marine Mammals & Acoustics, Terrestrial Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians, Fish, Marine Ecology, Ecological Genetics, and Terrestrial Ecology. A few papers are included in more than one category.


1  From its establishment in 1983, Greeneridge Sciences Inc. was associated with LGL, and Greeneridge has formally been part of the LGL Group since 2008.

Revised May 2016

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