Who We Are

LGL maintains a full-time staff of professionals with expertise in a broad range of disciplines, such as birds, mammals (terrestrial and marine), reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates; freshwater, marine, terrestrial and wetland ecology; habitat assessment, disturbance effects; environmental assessment; ecological restoration; monitoring; geology; environmental planning; GIS and data analysis. Several staff members are internationally recognized experts in their fields, regularly participating in international committees and conferences and publishing regularly in the primary scientific literature. Senior staff often provide expert testimony in hearings and other public forums. In addition, LGL is very effective at building project teams, calling on expertise, when required, from its roster of expert consultants in other firms and in academia.

A key to LGL’s success has been the stability of the company, resulting in low staff turnover. Several staff members have been with LGL for 30 years or more. This experience enables LGL to complete assignments efficiently, on time, within budget, and with a high degree of scientific competence. Also, the company continues to hire promising new employees to expand the firm’s capabilities in areas such as GIS, environmental assessment, wildlife, and fisheries management.