Doug Adama
Wildlife Biologist
  • B.Sc.: University of Victoria (Biology Major, Environmental Studies Minor) 1993
Doug Adama, R.P.Bio., has a broad background in terrestrial and wetland ecology, vegetation and wildlife sampling, ecological monitoring, ecological restoration, and species conservation. He has worked across a wide range of levels from field technician to senior project biologist on a variety of field studies on herptiles, small mammals, birds, ungulates, and carnivores and has worked extensively in wetlands, grasslands, avalanche, forested, and disturbed ecosystems. Doug has been responsible for developing wildlife projects, multi-agency planning, public consultation, monitoring and inventorying a variety of flora and fauna, data analysis, report writing, and preparing ecosystem restoration prescriptions.

Doug is familiar with the provincial inventory (RIC) standards and provincial and federal regulations such including the Forest and Range Practices Act, Wildlife Act, Environmental Assessment Act, Water Act, Fisheries Act, and Species at Risk Act (SARA). He has worked with a variety of partners including community First Nations, Regional Districts, Canadian Wildlife Service, Parks Canada, World Wildlife Fund, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Forests, and BC Hydro. Doug has sat on and, in some cases, led several committees that engage in resource management, conservation, and restoration including the Rocky Mountain Trench Operational Committee, Northern Leopard Frog National Recovery Team, and Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program Wildlife Technical Committee. He is also a Registered Professional Biologist in B.C. under the College of Applied Biologists and a member of the Association of Professional Biology.