Shaan Aroeste
  • M.Sc.: Simon Fraser University & British Columbia Institute of Technology (Ecological Restoration) 2021
  • B.Sc.: University of British Columbia (Applied Animal Biology) 2018
Shaan Aroeste is a biologist with varied experience in ecological field work, including designing and implementing restoration prescriptions, extensive plant and animal surveys, long-term monitoring programs, and GIS mapping. He has trained and led field crews for plant surveys and invasive plant management. Shaan is also experienced with science communication and public engagement, literature reviews, technical writing, and data analysis. His M.Sc. thesis researched the efficacy of live-staking 3 native shrub species at 3 different planting densities to control invasive reed canarygrass. Through his research and related work experience, Shaan has become interested in invasion and disturbance ecology and how native plant assemblages can be restored.

Shaan is passionate about preserving biodiversity, restoring ecosystem health, and fostering land stewardship. He enjoys finding rare plants and animals while working in the field and can often be found doing the same on his down time. Shaan is a Biologist in Training (BIT) with the College of Applied Biologists in British Columbia.