Katherine (Katie) Baillie-David
Wildlife Biologist
  • M.Sc.: University of Victoria (Environmental Studies: Wildlife Ecology) In progress
  • B.Sc. Hons.: University of Ottawa (Biology) 2017
Katie Baillie-David is a wildlife biologist experienced in research design, literature review, field logistics, data collection and analysis, as well as communication of results via reports and presentations. Her projects have focused on applied ecology of wildlife in human‑altered ecosystems. Her wildlife work began during her undergraduate program at the University of Ottawa where she examined squash bee foraging behaviour in agroecosystems. Through her M.Sc. research at the University of Victoria, she examined habitat selection by carnivores in response to predator control for caribou conservation in the industrial oil and gas landscape of northeast Alberta. Through that work and related projects, Katie has gained extensive experience deploying, maintaining, and managing the data generated by remote camera arrays in Africa and western Canada. Katie is a Biologist in Training (BIT) with the College of Applied Biologists in British Columbia.