Taylor Beyea
Marine Biologist
  • M.S.: Bangor University (Marine Environmental Protection) 2012
  • B.S.: Baylor University (Biology) 2011
Taylor Beyea is a marine ecologist with a diverse background in aquatic environmental research and conservation, including extensive experience in field and laboratory settings. As a scientific SCUBA diver, Taylor has conducted numerous in situ quantitative assessments of biological communities and deployed various instruments and moorings underwater for data collection. She has worked with a wide array of technologies, including acoustic telemetry, hydroacoustics, and ROVs, and has regularly performed hook and line sampling and fish tagging. She is proficient in otolith collection and analysis for snapper and grouper species and has processed thousands of red snapper otoliths on LGL projects and others. Taylor also contributes to data management and analysis and produces written reports and presentations for LGL.