Yury Bychkov
Software Developer/Computational Bioanalyst
  • M.Sc.: University of Victoria (Computer Science) 2004
  • B.Sc.: University of Victoria (Honours with Distinction) Computer Science) 1999
Yury Bychkov joined LGL in 2005 as Software Developer and Computational Bioanalyst. He brings with him a combination of software and data engineering skills as well as expertise in data science.

During his work at LGL, Yury has provided analytical and statistical support for multiple LGL projects. His notable software development projects include a multiplatform mobile data collection framework with cloud-based storage backend, Android-based catch monitoring software, web-accessible tools for the analysis of the multi-year Total Gas Pressure monitoring data and assessing risk of offshore oil and gas activity sound exposure to marine mammals, and a web application that LGL uses internally to manage project and safety data.

Yury has also designed and implemented a number of database systems on a variety of platforms, including a large-scale data repository (4 separate program components with multiple survey platforms per component) for the Western North Pacific (Korean) Gray Whale project data; a hybrid photo/data database for the Photo Identification data; a database system for storage and analysis of the multi-year oil sands data.