Karen Chung
GIS Analyst
  • Grad. Cert.: Fleming College (Geographic Information Systems – Applications Specialist) 2008
  • B.Sc. (Hons.): Queen’s University (Biology) 2007
Karen Chung joined LGL Limited in August 2008 after working for LGL on a co-op project during her study at Fleming College. Since joining LGL, Karen has been involved with biodiversity and impact assessment projects given her educational background in biology. As a GIS analyst, she provides mapping, spatial analysis, as well as data processing and management for reports and field programs in a variety of projects including natural heritage studies, environmental assessments, impact assessments, water quality monitoring, tree inventory, and tree management plans. She also designs and maintains MS Access databases for field data storage and performs queries for data analysis. Through her involvement in species at risk projects, Karen has developed her skills in bat acoustic analysis from training and project experience. She manages bat call files, runs automatic species identification, and manually reviews auto ID results.