Colin Jones
Wildlife Biologist
  • B.Sc.: Dalhousie University (Ecology) 1998
Colin Jones has a broad range of proficiency with terrestrial and marine-based research and environmental assessments. He has been directly involved with numerous impact assessments related to hydroelectric generation, mining activity, linear development, and offshore petroleum exploration. His diverse interests include: co-investigator of a long-term ecological monitoring study of a globally-threatened cyanolichen; marine mammal observer (MMO) aboard foreign-going seismic vessels in the Northwest Atlantic; and GIS Manager for the St. John’s office.

Colin has extensive knowledge of the geography and natural history of boreal regions and has been an active participant in numerous biological studies in northern Canada. He is capable in all aspects of study design from field methodology, data collection, statistical analysis, and reporting. From 2006 to 2014, Colin managed an LGL satellite office in central Labrador. Field studies ranged from upland forest and wetland classifications to large-scale remote wildlife inventories for ungulates, furbearers, waterfowl, and raptors. Collaboration and participation of First Nation, Inuit, and other Aboriginal groups was paramount for all field programs. Prior to joining LGL, Colin was a member of a research team that investigated the population status, distribution, and behavioural ecology of sensitive wildlife species in Labrador. Studies primarily focused on the effects of military aircraft noise disturbance on caribou, with specific reference to the incorporation of traditional ecological knowledge with western science