Olga Lansdorp
  • M.Sc.: Simon Fraser University (Biological Sciences) 2017
  • B.Sc.: University of British Columbia (Agroecology) 2010
Olga Lansdorp is a Registered Professional Biologist (R.P.Bio.) with years of research and fieldwork experience across the continent, with a study emphasis on ornithology, particularly avian insectivores (Barn Swallows). After years of experience working in the nonprofit environmental sector, Olga is known for working collaboratively in teams, producing high-quality data, and keeping up to date on B.C.’s conservation issues.

Olga Lansdorp completed her master’s degree studying the breeding productivity of Barn Swallows in the agricultural landscape surrounding Vancouver. She previously held many other fieldwork positions, including ornithological studies of native honeycreepers and waterfowl. Olga is passionate about B.C.’s biological and ecological conservation issues and her strong communication skills, and nonprofit environmental experience, combined with her technical expertise make her a valuable team member. Olga is a Registered Professional Biologist in B.C. under the College of Applied Biologists.