Michal Laszczuk
Landscape Designer
  • M.L.A.: University of Guelph (Landscape Architecture) 2018
  • B.A. (Hons.): University of Toronto (Specialist in Archaeology; Minor in Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations) 2014
Michal Laszczuk specializes in landscape architecture and GIS analysis applied in urban and rural landscapes in Ontario. Michal has conducted design work for projects at a variety of types and scales, including streetscapes, condo terraces, parks, neighbourhood blocks, large residential estates, and restoration landscapes. Michal also has extensive experience in GIS inventory and analysis, including a study of parkland provision in urban centres in the Greater Toronto area (GTA) and North America, and a study of golf course redevelopment in Southern Ontario.

Michal has education and work experience in design and archaeology, practiced in Canada, Denmark, and Peru. With this experience, Michal prioritizes the intersection of ecology, history, and place-making and sees each project as an opportunity to foster creative problem-solving strategies at LGL. For his master’s thesis, Michal studied the characteristics and design potential of fencerows in Southern Ontario and is continuing to develop this study at LGL. Michal is an associate member of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects (OALA) and is working towards full membership.