Peter Mudrak
Senior Fisheries Biologist
  • Ph.D.: Auburn University (Fisheries) 2020
  • M.S.: Auburn University (Fisheries) 2011
  • B.S.: University of Wyoming (Wildlife and Fisheries Management) 2008
Dr. Peter Mudrak is a fisheries biologist who has worked extensively in marine ecosystems, especially with artificial reefs. This includes studies of juvenile reef fish ecology on small artificial patch reefs. He also has extensive experience tagging fish, as well as implanting them with telemetry transmitters. These telemetry studies have provided information on fine‑scale movements and habitat use, as well as direct measurements of natural and fishing mortality rates. Peter has also used side-scan sonar to produce estimates of available habitat, and hydroacoustic surveys to estimate fish abundance. He is an avid scuba diver, and has logged hundreds of dives counting reef fish, as well as deploying and retrieving scientific equipment.