Scott Raborn
Vice-President, Senior Fisheries Biologist
  • Ph.D.: Mississippi State University, Starkville (Fisheries Science) 2000
  • M.Sc.: University of Louisiana at Monroe (Biology) 1995
  • B.Sc.: Louisiana College, Pineville (Biology) 1992
Scott Raborn began research of fish ecology in 1993 during his master's thesis project. His doctoral dissertation research focused on whether predation and competition theories were responsible for limiting adult piscivorous fishes in Norris Reservoir, Tennessee. His most recent position before joining LGL was with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as a biometrician where he studied pacific salmon population dynamics, focusing on spawner-recruit relationships and mark‑recapture experiments.

Since joining LGL in 2007, Scott has provided biometric support for several high profile fisheries and marine mammal research projects. His breadth of research experience includes:

  • Disturbance ecology in oyster reef fish communities of coastal Louisiana
  • Southeastern U.S. lake and reservoir population dynamics and food webs
  • Anthropogenic impacts to warmwater stream fish communities
  • Pacific salmon population dynamics
  • Spawner-recruit analyses
  • Mark and recapture experiments
  • Fish biometrics