Karen Truman
Senior Biologist
2023 (Re-hire)
  • B.Sc.: University of Victoria (Biology and Geography) 1999
  • Dipl.: Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (Renewable Resources) 1990
  • Dipl.: Red Deer College (Business Administration) 1988
Karen Truman is a biologist with over 25 years of experience and a wide range of expertise, including conducting baseline surveys for wildlife and fish. Karen has worked in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Yukon, and Nunavut, as well as in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon; projects completed have varied in geographical context from very remote to urban environments. Karen is familiar with environmental guidelines, standards, and federal and provincial legislation. She has experience in conducting baseline inventories and effects assessments for telecommunications, other utilities, urban development, transportation (including bridges), oil and gas, forestry, and mining sectors.

Karen has delineated sensitive ecosystems, assessed wildlife movement patterns, and developed wildlife habitat suitability ratings. She was also involved in monitoring and auditing construction projects including the installation of infrastructure associated with fibre optic installations, BC Hydro utilities, urban development, bridges, culverts, and dredging operations. Karen has been involved in all steps necessary to ensure a successful infrastructure upgrade or installation from the initial baseline assessment, assessment of project interactions, identification of appropriate mitigation measures to reduce project effects and assure regulatory compliance. Her knowledge of the fish, wildlife, marine mammals, and invertebrates has enabled her to create area specific management plans including wildlife management plans and construction environmental management plans. The wildlife management plans have included species of conservation concern including caribou, bats, and birds.

Karen is a focused and dedicated professional with valuable interpersonal and organizational skills that apply both in the office and on site. Karen exercises sound judgement and maintains efficient and safe working conditions in the field. She has co-ordinated and worked with various disciplines (QEPs) including community stakeholders, contractors, and First Nations. Karen is a Registered Professional Biologist (R.P.Bio.) in B.C. under the College of Applied Biologists.